Writing is Hard

So I have recently been working for my parents company (any of you who have worked with family before will be uttering those pitiful sighs right about now) and was tasked with a variety of things, the most daunting being the blog. Continue reading Writing is Hard


Etivity 3

A Critical Reflection

This quote basically sums up digital for me: “Today is not about digital marketing…it’s about brand building in a digital world.” To deny digital is to deny progress. It is also to deny the present, and the future.

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Lets be honest, stats can be boring. Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to having my mind proverbially blown by a good stat. But if we really get down to it, people who enjoy ‘the numbers’ are often referred to by the layman as ‘those people’. It’s not so much about the numbers in truth, but rather the fact that having a report riddled with them battles to fit the category of ‘a real page turner’. Enter INFOGRAPHICS! Continue reading Etivity2

Etivity 1

My Digital Footprint

Analysing my digital presence was not a difficult task: I don’t really have one. Extensive Googling, using every phrase I could think of to find myself, produced the following results:

  • 1 picture of me taken 2 years ago at an antique exhibition event
  • My former Twitter handle

GetSmarter’s Personal Brand Guide 2014 explains that your online presence is useful for many reasons. It confirms who you are, shows potential employers what you are all about, and basically shows you didn’t lie on your CV. Well none of this could be confirmed at present because, according to Google, I don’t really exist. I have always considered myself fairly ‘tech-savvy’ . This, when paralleled with my digital presence, is fairly paradoxical. Continue reading Etivity 1

The First Stepping Stone

About this blog

This post is simply being put in place so that:

  1. My home page ceases from saying “It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help” (essentially meaning ‘write something’) and
  2. To explain briefly what this space is about.

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